The Board of Trustees meet on the third Thursday of each month to discuss all matters within the Federation.  The Board includes the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and all elected and co-opted members.
Chairman - Mrs Sue Fox - Tursdale & Hett WI    
Vice-Chairman - Mrs   Lesley Jerred - Heighington WI
Vice-Chairman - Mrs Angela Dearlove - Denton WI   
Treasurer - Mrs Freda Laverick - Middleton St George WI   
Assistant Treasurer- Mrs Susan Openshaw - Durham Merryoaks WI       
Mrs Tina Bickerdike - Broompark WI         
Mrs Judith James - Newton Hall WI
Mrs Dorothy Proud - Evenwood WI          
Miss Joan Adamson - Frosterley WI           
Mrs Barbara Snowdon - Tursdale & Hett WI
Mrs Carol Marley - Darlington West WI
Mrs Lyn Swift - Newton Aycliffe WI
Mrs Joyce Jackson - Frosterley WI

Mrs Andrea Patchett -  King James WI